Welcome to England

Its official! Im now living in England for the next month! It was a long but successful journey here. After being on a cramped plane for 8 hours and watching a couple movies, we had a rocky landing at the London Heathrow International Airport! We waited in the customs line for about 40 minutes, then got our bags and headed to Kings Cross. Since there is a lot of contruction going on in that general area, we were hopping on and off the tube and busses. Luckily the seven of us stuck together and made it to Kings Cross. Once arriving there we waited in line for the Platform 9 3/4 photos and then waited to board our train to Grantham, which we woukd from there take taxis to Harlaxton Manor.

All of us were feelingthe uncomfortable plane rides, the long waits, etc. So by the time we got our tickets for the train, its safe to say we were all exhausted and ready to get to our new home. However, somehow we all managed to keep our smiles on and kept them on until bed.

The dorms at Harlaxton are amazing, 4 beds, a sink, etc. We have a beautiful view ( as you see below ) Image

Yes that photo is dark, but since I’m limited to photos on this tablet, this is sadly how it is going to be.

Everything is getting started today as we just finished our first lecture and have had s few meals and explored the manor ( we may or may not have found a secret passage way ). We have a bit of down time now and I’m about to go off and do some personal journaling.

I’ll check back soon,

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